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Durano Construction is an award-winning, hands-on custom home builder. We deal directly with homeowners and their agents so there is no chance for broken promises or miscommunication.


At Durano Construction, the builder and the  buyer work hand-in-hand. Our expertise brings your dreams to reality.

According to Carlos and Amy Romero:

"Amy and I appreciated Dee's creativity and his meticulous attention to detail. But what we valued most was his uncompromising integrity. Knowing that he stood by his work and his word gave us peace of mind through the entire process."


Durano's numerous and varied resources mean less stress and more quality for you. We don't give you checklists and options; we give you choices...in everything from financing to design detail.

Dave and Cindy Gaona agree:

"The most impressive experience we had was when we went to the different suppliers around town. We found that Dee is known as a man of integrity and a man who has taken the lead in building beautiful, high-quality, energy-efficient home. His reputation ended up saving us several thousand dollars because the suppliers wanted their products in one of Dee's homes."


D.C. Durano followed his heart into home building in 1995. A retired Air Force officer, Dee pays meticulous attention to every building detail, as well as the bottom line cost of every project:

"My goal is to make the emotional process of investing in a home a pleasant and rewarding experience for my customers by ensuring that every promise made is a promise kept. I act as their advocate and help them build their dream home within budget, specifications, and schedule."

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