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Here's what our customers are saying:


Jae and Julanie Lee say:

"The Building America principles that Durano Construction follows makes complete sense and should be used by every builder. A house's operating systems are most often neglected for cosmetic priorities. Yet what lies behind the walls can affect the cost of operations and the home's endurance over time. Dee Durano truly cares about every aspect of the homes he builds and is passionate about building high quality homes with healthy air quality and energy efficiency. We are pleased to recommend Durano Construction to anyone who is ready to build a high quality custom home."


Marty Diamond and Phyllis Amato agree:

"Dee told us early on that when he builds a house, he builds it as though he were going to live in it. We can tell you from experience that he means this. I think part of Dee's success is the sheer enjoyment he obviously takes in the process of building a home---and it shows. Perhaps most important---and most extraordinary these days---is that Dee is an honorable man. This we discovered many times over in the way he deals not only with us, but with suppliers and subcontractors. We have been more than pleased with having Dee build our home---we consider ourselves to be incredibly lucky!"


Joe and Marion Dixon concur:

"Dee Durano is a true professional in every sense of the word, who seeks perfection in every home that he builds. From beginning to end, the entire process of transitioning to a new home, Durano Construction focuses on delighting the customer. We are ecstatic about the great value of our home that can only appreciate over time. Return on investment based on value and location was an important factor in selecting this outstanding Durano Construction home. Overall, we feel blessed to have met Dee Durano and to find the home of our dreams."


According to Dave and Cindy Gaona:

"During construction, we didn't have to worry about the details because we knew Dee was taking care of them. Whenever we had questions or 'great new ideas,' Dee was either on site or accessible by phone. We didn't have to try to 'find' him. But the most impressive experience we had was when we went to the different suppliers around town. We found that Dee is known as a man of integrity and a man who has taken a lead in building beautiful, high quality, energy-efficient homes. His reputation ended up saving us several thousand dollars because the suppliers wanted their products in one of Dee's homes."


The Romero Family attests:

"Building a home can be an extremely stressful experience.  We felt blessed to have someone like Dee, whom we we could trust, manage the construction of our home.  He is well organized and was on the jobsite daily, expecting and assuring the highest quality of work was being performed.  His careful attention to detail, professionalism, and high level of integrity make Dee an outstanding builder.  Having these qualities in a builder eliminated stress from our homebuilding experience!"


Patrick and Hae-Jung Murphy state:

"We began with a typed description of how we wished to live, identifying the things most important to us. We concluded with our dream home, which reflects our personality, style, and meets our every expectation.  Dee Durano's meticulous attention to detail and standards for quality were evident daily throughout the construction of our home. Not only has Dee created a beautiful living environment for us, but he's created an efficient, healthy environment by incorporating the latest and most advanced technologies of residential construction. Dee Durano's understanding of Building America principles are superior to anyone in the industry. Our experience working with Dee has been extremely enjoyable and we could only give him our highest recommendations."


Bill and Tana Lucy praise:


"Dee Durano is an exceptional custom builder.  His attention to detail and drive for perfection result in a custom home of quality and beauty.   During the building process, Dee envisioned how modifications to the design would enhance our home and he was right every time.  The process of building a home with Durano Construction is a true partnership every step of the way.  Dee worked closely with us throughout the construction process to ensure that every decision was thoughtfully considered.  His adherence to the Building America principles ensures his homes are extremely energy-efficient and environmentally healthy.  We are absolutely delighted with our new home and highly recommend Durano Construction to anyone who is interested in building a quality custom home.


Armando Cobo, building designer, remarks:

"I have been designing homes for Durano Construction clients since 2001.  During this period, I have developed a great respect and admiration for Dee Durano's commitment to building the best quality homes possible.  Dee's relentless quest for knowledge on building energy-efficient, high-performing and environmentally healthy homes, his high degree of involvement in the planning meetings and material selection, and his unmatched level of craftmanship and detail on the jobsite make him one of the most sought after builders in Albuquerque.  Dee is a friend that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a premier builder.


Larry Gorman, certified HERS rater and owner of Building Energy Solutions, declares:

"As the independent third party who does the plan reviews, testing, and inspections for Durano Construction, I see all the details which Dee Durano puts into his homes.  Dee has always been a pleasure to work with as he takes great pride in the homes he builds and is always exploring ways to improve them.  He completely understands the principles of building science and how the mechanical systems work.  The application of this knowledge assures his clients of having exceptionally comfortable and efficient homes, safe from the dangers of combustion by-products and mold.  Dee once stated to me that a house should last a long time, and to build one which is not healthy, comfortable, and energy-efficient would be unconscionable.  Dee's passion in building high performance homes that work as efficient system is exemplified in all the homes that he builds."


Romie and Rob Lavoie say:

"Durano Construction is a national award winning custom builder and now we know why. His emphasis is on energy efficiency, conservation of materials, indoor air quality, water conservation and Green Building. Our home is not only energy efficient and gorgeous but also has the utmost quality inside and out. Dee's attention to detail will only give you the best product. He was always friendly, available to talk to us, showed us alternatives and worked to stay in our budget. He takes pride in his work and cares about your home. Dee is very respected by his colleagues and sub-contractors which means he is truly a professional! He deserves every award he has received and then some. We would build another home with Dee as it was a pleasurable experience!!"



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