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Using the Building America Program Guidelines, Durano Construction implements a comprehensive

combination of five main components to achieve its high standards of construction.

Energy Efficiency

  • Air handlers are installed in conditioned space and permanently sealed
  • Exterior holes are sealed with expansive foam insulation or caulk
  • Minimum R-38 ceiling insulation
  • Minimum R-23 blown-in wall insulation
  • High efficiency (90+ AFUE) modulating furnace(s)
  • High efficiency (14 SEER) refrigerated air conditioner(s)
  • Low-E glazed thermal windows


Indoor Air Quality

  • Sealed combustion or power-vented appliances in conditioned space
  • Continuous built-in mechanical air exchanger
  • High quality air filters in heating and cooling systems
  • Building materials with low VOC (volatile organic compound)
  • High efficiency refrigerated air vs. evaporative coolers

Water Conservation

  • Landscape features that conserve water
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • Elimination of water-reliant evaporative coolers


Conservation of Materials

  • Advanced framing techniques to reduce lumber use
  • Alternative structural materials in construction
  • Use of recycled or reclaimed materials

Solid Waste Reduction

  • On-site recycling of material waste

All homes are inspected and performance tested to verify

the efficiency of the whole house system approach.

By committing our resources to building beautiful,

energy-efficient, durable and comfortable homes, we are

pledging to our homeowners the best value for their money.

Together, Durano Construction and its homeowners are setting

the standard for homebuilding in the 21st century!

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